Watering Seeds Bursary Winner: Aruhan Bisengalieva

The focus of my Climate Action is through Education and Non – Violence; therefore, my activism is delivered through a creative lens. I’m aware this is an unorthodox method, but I believe story-telling is a powerful tool in galvanising people.
I have written a comedy short film with original music and animation, ‘Green Queen’, based on my experiences as a mixed-race British – Kazakhstani and as an Intersectional Environmentalist, aimed at young people 16-24. Green Queen comprises of 2 parts, the short film and an accompanying Outreach Initiative. 

Outreach will include workshops delivered to schools & communities, online content/campaign documenting the making of a BAFTA Albert Sustainably made film, and a podcast interviewing BAME scientists and activists who I met during the script’s development!
I am also performing 2 nights at the Camden Fringe, doing a 30 minute (work–in–progress) part Stand-up/part Ted Talk set around the same topics – my experiences of being British -Kazakhstani and an Intersectional Environmentalist. Through original music and song, I will educate/navigate around intersectional environmental issues!
The facts around Climate Change are drama enough; I intend to use comedy as a Trojan Horse to impart important environmental information, advocating for our UK biodiversity, destigmatising menstruation, as well as navigating having a dual heritage. The very fabric of everything I make is Dharma. Despite not directly speaking about this – my core message is compassion and inter-connectivity.

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